Ugent Care in Novi

Our urgent care in Novi is open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas and are open at 8am on weekdays.

We work hand in hand with your primary provider

We work well with your primary care physician

We see patients of all ages and pride ourselves in our ability to quickly communicate with your primary provider about the details of your visit with us

We are trained to care for your whole family.  Our providers all have certification to take care of children and we know when your child may need more services like a hospitalization.  We try to keep everyone out of the hospital but there are times where this may be more appropriate.  We also know a lot of specialists but like to make sure we are communicating with your primary provider before we send you somewhere so they can be in the loop,

ServicesCare for the whole family

See our extensive list of services.

  • Injury and acute care
  • Point of service testing
  • Care for the whole family
  • On-site digital x-ray
  • EKG
  • IV hydration

Our urgent care is primary focused and opened in 2013 with the tenets that if we take care of patients like we take care of our own, other primary care providers will trust us to be there for their patients when they cannot.

Not only have we been able to care for our own patients, we are here for numerous primary providers in the area and take pride that any testing we perform in our urgent care is conveyed and results are sent to the primary team.

We specialize in taking care of urgent needs in Novi and we also specialize in coordinating care with your primary provider.  There are a lot of stand alone urgent cares to choose from and we hope you choose ours.

We cannot wait to see you.