Our Core Values

Primary Care Focus

Prime Care Urgent Care is proudly staffed by “primary” care-focused providers who strive to get the whole patient picture – allowing us to make holistic health care decisions that benefit the whole patient in both the short- and long-term.

Our providers are highly trained in the care of emergency medicine, but retain a passion to attend to your primary care needs. Whether your condition involves an injury, illness, wellness exam or is related to your occupation, you will find our entire staff is dedicated to delivering the care you need promptly and cheerfully.

Family Oriented Care

Our urgent care is equipped with the latest technology, though, our real strength is in the staff that we hire. Everyone at our office is treated like family and expected to provide the best care for yours. We hire people who want you to get immediate care, but who think about your long term care.

We want to make sure that after you have received care that the details of your visit are communicated back to your primary care physician. Although our Novi Urgent Care is connected to PrimeCare of Novi, we assure you that we intend to make sure your primary care physician is kept in the loop.

Whole Body Wellness

Your Prime Care physicians firmly believe that optimal health and wellness are best achieved through attention to all aspects our patients’ health – extending from treating acute incidences to everyday practices that promote overall, full-body health and well-being.

Continuity of Care

Prime Care is committed to ensuring the best possible health outcome for all patients. As part of this initiative, our doctors and staff work closely with your primary care physician to exchange pertinent medical information and test results quickly and efficiently using the best possible technology.