Our urgent care providers are proficient in performing your student athlete’s sports physical  in Novi MI and are looking forward to taking care of you. 

Sports Physical 

Medical providers will review your athlete’s medical history and then perform a detailed physical exam. Based on their findings they will recommend any possible limitations on physical activity. 

Medical history review:

A medical history review is just as important as a medical examination. Knowing about any past illnesses, surgeries, or conditions will help diagnose problems and prevent complications in the future. 


We will check your child’s pulse, blood pressure, and pulse oxygen to ensure normal vitals. We’ll also document his/ her weight and height. 

Eye exam: 

An eye exam checks for normal vision and evaluates whether your child needs prescription lenses or if his/her current prescription may need to be adjusted. 

Fitness exam:

We will check your child’s ears, nose, throat, heart, lungs, and abdomen. We will also perform a neurologic exam to make sure no abnormalities are present. 

Joints and flexibility:

By testing your child’s strength, flexibility, and joints, we can identify any areas that may be prone to injury or that may impede the ability to participate in a sport.

If we find anything concerning that needs more testing we can make recommendations to you that you can give to your primary care provider.