Our urgent care providers are knowledgeable at assessing and treating fractures in Novi MI and are looking forward to taking care of you. They can also determine when you need more advanced care with a specialist or at the emergency department. 


The term “broken bone” is synonymous with “fracture.” A fracture occurs when excessive force is applied to a bone. Different types of injuries exert force on the bone in different ways, which can result in different types of breaks. 

Common types of fractures: 

  • Stress fracture- repetitive motion causes a small break in the boone
  • Simple closed fracture- the skin and surrounding tissue remains intact despite a broken bone
  • Open fracture- a piece of bone protrudes through the skin 
  • Greenstick fracture- the bone bends and breaks only on one side. This type of break is most commonly seen in children.
  • Buckle fracture- the bone bends but doesn’t break all the way through. This type of break is most commonly seen in children who fall with an outstretched hand 

Signs of a fracture: 

  • Swelling 
  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Decreased range of motion

Signs of a fracture can be very similar to those of a muscular strain or sprain. We can help determine the proper treatment for you and direct you to your primary care physician with recommendations for proper specialist care if you need.

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