Our urgent care providers are knowledgeable at diagnosing hand, foot, and mouth disease in Novi MI and are looking forward to taking care of you. They can also determine when you need more advanced care with a specialist or at the emergency department. 

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease 

Hand, foot, and mouth disease is a viral infection that most commonly affects young children but it can also affect adults. It is characterized by a rash consisting of small red dots on children;s hands and feet as well as sores in their mouths. It is commonly spread by sneezing, coughing or saliva. While the virus is contagious, it is not usually serious. 


  • Rash on hands/ feet
  • Sores in mouth
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever 

Symptoms typically begin with a fever. After one or two days, symptoms progress to sores in the mouth and rash. 

Diagnosis of Hand Foot and Mouth disease in Novi MI: 

There is not a specific test for hand, foot and mouth disease but our providers can make the diagnoses with a thorough history and careful physical examination.

We are often asked if we can treat people over the phone. While some conditions may permit a telemed visit, most ailments are better diagnosed when we can put our eyes on our patients. Most conditions are common but we can often find something on an exam that may point us in a direction to a better diagnosis.

One of the things we take pride in is that we make sure to communicate with your primary provider when we make a diagnosis or get closer to figuring out why you have your current symptoms. After your visit we will send over any results we have from tests that we perform and any paperwork that will help your primary doctor continue to care for you. We understand what it means to be patient centered!

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