Our urgent care providers are knowledgeable at diagnosing hand, foot, and mouth disease in Novi MI and are looking forward to taking care of you. They can also determine when you need more advanced care with a specialist or at the emergency department. 

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease 

Hand, foot, and mouth disease is a viral infection that most commonly affects young children but it can also affect adults. It is characterized by a rash consisting of small red dots on children;s hands and feet as well as sores in their mouths. It is commonly spread by sneezing, coughing or saliva. While the virus is contagious, it is not usually serious. 


  • Rash on hands/ feet
  • Sores in mouth
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever 

Symptoms typically begin with a fever. After one or two days, symptoms progress to sores in the mouth and rash. 


There is not a specific test for hand, foot and mouth disease but our providers can make the diagnoses with a thorough history and careful physical examination.

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