Our urgent care providers are good at treating skin infections in Novi MI and cannot wait to meet you.

They are good at determining when you need more advanced care with a specialist or a hospital and can communicate with your primary care physician.

Skin infections: 

At PrimeCare we evaluate and treat skin infections on all areas of the body. Common skin infections are caused by fungus or bacteria. 

Bacterial skin infections: 

Generally,  bacterial skin infections often start with a break in the skin from injury or bite and bacteria invades causing red, swollen, painful, warm skin. Sometimes drainage or foul odor will develop. When a pocket of infection forms under the skin, this is called an abscess. 

At PrimeCare we can prescribe antibiotics, manage pain, and perform incision & drainage of abscess as necessary to treat bacterial skin infections. We can also obtain cultures of wounds to ensure appropriate and effective treatment. 

Fungal infections: 

Fungal skin infections often develop in skin folds or covered areas on the body. Generally, skin will be itchy, dry, red, and peeling or scaling. At PrimeCare we can prescribe medications to treat fungal infections and perform testing as needed.

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