ABOUT Theodore W. Shively DO

Hi, I’m Dr. Shively and I’d like to introduce myself and give you an idea of who I am, since you are considering me as potential health care advisor.

As a 1978 graduate of The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, my post-graduate training was completed locally at the Detroit Osteopathic Hospital Corporation. I then fulfilled an obligation to the National Health Service Corps and served two years in rural Pennsylvania. After that, I then went into self-employed solo practice in the same area of Appalachia where we stayed for an additional sixteen years.

In 1995, my wife and four children and I moved to Novi in response to an offer to teach geriatrics on the Family Practice faculty of Providence Hospital. As part of that faculty, I received the coveted Swartzburg award for teaching awarded by the residents. Teaching remains an important part of PrimeCare of Novi to this day as we often have students or residents at various levels of training shadowing our physicians. We remain part of the teaching faculty of the Family Medicine residency of Providence Hospital.

In 2005, I rejoined the faculty to become the first Osteopathic Medical Director of the Providence Family Medicine residency. Since then I have contracted my professional efforts to devote them solely to making PrimeCare of Novi the best medical home east of the Mississippi.

To that end, we employ an electronic health record. That may not mean much to many patients and quite frankly, it does not matter how office notes are kept. If they’re accurate, they could be kept on index cards in a shoe box for all that matters! What matters is what you do with that information, and how you use the technology to make good doctors and care teams even better. Every hour, we are using the information in our records to identify opportunities to improve the care we deliver.

You will find in me a conservative advisor who emphasizes preventive medicine, who tries to use the least amount of medicine, for the shortest possible period of time that it takes to do the job. I clearly want the job done. I’m easy-going, like to explain and teach, and will work hard to earn your trust and respect.

I trust it will be a mutually-rewarding, long-term relationship which you will savor and promote to your dearest friends and family.

I bring to PrimeCare boundless energy, 26 years of clinical experience, board certification in Family Practice and geriatrics, and a Masters in Health Science Administration. I remain an avid runner, and have frequently appeared in the local theatre.